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Methodological framework

This methodological framework handbook is developed to boost the skills and key competences of teachers and other adults wishing to engage in Robotics. This cross-cultural framework includes the following contents: This Framework is aimed at supporting teachers, pedagogical staff, managers, trainers, decision makers and stakeholders, in the implementation of the material created in the Ready Set Robot project. This output consolidates the projects outcomes, into a methodological description and practical ideas of implementing the material in training at various levels: national, regional and local. The document also includes a curriculum based upon the resources developed in the project. It is implemented in a formal accredited training course for STEM professionals and teachers. The training course plan will describe timing, topics, contents and tools to be used. Drafted by: ELDERBERRY AB Educational essays/case studies and examples of innovative methodologies for developing eLearning videos for observing and documenting robotics in schools. Pan-European good practices (What works? Why it works? How it works?) on eLearning and instructional videos. Didactic notes on how this methodological framework can be used by teachers but also by other professionals to boost the uptake of robotics. Key terms of references to ensure common ground and understanding.